For State Senate

Senate District 12 - Waikīkī | Kaka‘ako | Ala Moana | McCully | Mō‘ili‘ili

Chris with his wife and two daughters, Amber and Cameo

Community Service

  • A Former Marine who will accomplish the mission.
  • Successful Sofware Architect with 18 years of information technology expertise.
  • Experienced Legislative Staffer and Office Manager.
  • Working member of the Family Court Interventions Legislative Task Force.
  • Hawaii Chair, National Parents Organization.  

Legislative Experience

  • Argued and prevailed in 2 cases appealed to the Hawaii Supreme Court.
  • 11 Years of successfully passing legislation to secure the rights of children and parents.
  • Authored Legislative Resolutions to address the environmental impact of rainwater run-off on the Big Island.
  • Authored Legislative Resolution to address government bureaucracy of small business concessions.

What I intend to Accomplish

  • Help the "houseless" by relocating them to supportive housing with social services.
  • Direct HCDA to build affordable housing for residents, and to stop catering to offshore buyers.
  • Ensure communities - not special interests - control neighborhood planning with open space, parks, trees, and community -designed bike paths, using impact fees to cover infrastructure costs.
  • Keep Waikiki and Kaka'ako-style overbuilding and lack of infrastructure from spreading to Mo'ili'ili and McCully
  • Use resources to help people age in place.
  • To generate jobs for our children that promote financial stability and an oppurtunity to thrive:
    1. Wire Honolulu
    2. Bring technology into schools
    3. Support the UH system, and
    4. Provide incentives needed by technology businesses.
    5. Endorsed as a "candidate who can help change and improve Hawaii’s business and fiscal climate and increase residents’ standard of living" 



Hawaii is Home

I moved to Hawaii when I was 27 years old, after having lived, worked and studied in Japan. I raised two beautiful and accomplished daughters here. I married my second wife here and when she passed away I brought her home and laid her to rest in Kaneohe. Hawaii is now and will forever be my home.

A Place for our Children

I fell in love with Hawaii the first day I arrived here.  And so, I have committed myself to making Hawaii a place that we can successfully raise our children. And once they have recieved a great education, let's ensure they have great careers to come home to.

Finding our Place in the Sun

Today the young people of Hawaii face greater financial challenges than ever before.  Taxes are too high, homes are too expensive and wages are too low.  It's time to invest in infrastructure for jobs, improve the efficiency of government and  ensure homes are built to serve the needs of the people of Hawaii first.